Arepas Grill

Fresh. Bold.

Traditional Venezualan and Colombian dishes
created from time-honored recipes.
Llegó la hora de comer arepas!

Arepas Grill

Our Delicious story
The arepa is a signature food of Venezuela.
Arepas are thick cornmeal cakes;
crunchy outside, tender inside;
split & stuffed with an endless
variety of hearty fillings.

Gluten-Free & Vegetarian

Arepas & Plate Lunches

Try a tangy sauce made in-house.

Carne Mechada

$ 8.50

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Vuctus nec ullam corper

La Catira


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Fresh Veggie

$ 6.50

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La Paisa

$ 8.95

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$ 8.95

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Pabellon de Pollo

$ 6.95

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Daily Specials

Always Something New To Try!

They Our Food.

Venezuelan fare: from unheard-of to mainstream.

"Everything was full of vibrant colors and flavors. A wonderful place to grab lunch"

- WalterWhoo

"Wonderful food, excellent service, and very clean. Second experience was as good as the first! Will definitely be back!"

- Bill Norton

"If you like arapas you really can't go wrong here. They have a great selection and a lovely staff. You may want to order one more than you think you will eat because you won't want to stop"

- Josh Richard

"Arepas Grill has a good atmosphere and a lot of menu choices. I tried the Domino and it was delicious. Next time I will try the Perico. My food was delivered to the table and it was fresh and hot. A great place to sit and eat with friends and family."

- Krishna

Let's eat.

And Drink!

Choose from a wide selection of domestic and imported beer, wine and specialty non-alcoholic beverages.

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