Arepas Grill is


10 Year Anniversary!

Thank you for your support these 10 years. We look forward to serving you for 10 more!

 10 Años Aniversario!

Gracias por su apoyo durante estos 10 años. ¡Esperamos servirle durante 10 años más!

Arepas Grill

Fresh. Bold.

Traditional Venezuelan and Colombian dishes
created from time-honored recipes.
Llegó la hora de comer arepas!

Traditional Venezuelan and Colombian
dishes created from time-honored recipes.

Llegó la hora de comer arepas!

Arepas Grill

Our Delicious story
The arepa is a signature food of Venezuela.
Arepas are thick cornmeal cakes;
crunchy outside, tender inside;
split & stuffed with an endless
variety of hearty fillings.

Gluten-Free & Vegetarian

Arepas & Plate Lunches

Try a tangy sauce made in-house.

Desayuno Criollo

$ 14.50

#34  Eggs scrambled with tomato and onion sauteed in butter, shredded beef, seasoned black beans, a thick slice of white cheese with an arepa


Carne Mechada

$ 9.00

#2  Shredded beef mixture with sauteed diced onion, tomato and sweet pepper



$ 9.50

#51  Thick slices mild,  semi-firm, Venezuelan cheese


Reina Pepiada

$ 9.50

#1  Shredded chicken, fresh avocado mashed, fresh cilantro, fresh lemon juice; touch of mayonnaise




$ 6.95

#6  Eggs scrambled with sauteed tomato and onion


$ 2.00

#58  Fried Breaded Cheese Stick


Daily Specials

Always Something New To Try!

They Our Food.

Venezuelan fare: from unheard-of to mainstream.

"Everything was full of vibrant colors and flavors. A wonderful place to grab lunch"

- WalterWhoo

"Wonderful food, excellent service, and very clean. Second experience was as good as the first! Will definitely be back!"

- Bill Norton

"If you like arapas you really can't go wrong here. They have a great selection and a lovely staff. You may want to order one more than you think you will eat because you won't want to stop"

- Josh Richard

"Arepas Grill has a good atmosphere and a lot of menu choices. I tried the Domino and it was delicious. Next time I will try the Perico. My food was delivered to the table and it was fresh and hot. A great place to sit and eat with friends and family."

- Krishna

Let's eat.

And Drink!

Choose from a wide selection of domestic and imported beer, wine and specialty non-alcoholic beverages.

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