Taste Tradition.


Taste Tradition.


A Venezuelan Staple

Reina Pepiada

(Above, this photo.)
Chicken salad like you’ve never tasted.

Add Green Envy sauce…
it just might leave you speechless.

Skillfully Seasoned.  Layered Flavors.  Fresh Herbs.

Skillfully Seasoned.  Layered Flavors.
  Fresh Herbs.



Fire grilled corn patty, split and stuffed.

#1 Reina Pepiada (RAIN-ah / pep-e-AH-da)
Chicken salad: shredded chicken, fresh avocado mashed, fresh cilantro, fresh lemon juice; touch of mayonnaise  $9.50

#2 Carne Mechada (CAR-nay / me-CHA-da)
Shredded beef mixture with sauteed, diced onion, tomato and sweet pepper  $9.00

#3 Pelua (pay-LOO-ah)
Shredded beef & Gouda cheese  $9.75

#4 La Paisa (la / pie-E-sa)
Ground beef, pork belly chunks, chorizo (chore-EASE-oh) slices, seasoned bean & avocado  $9.50

#5 La del Gato (la / GOT-oh)
Sweet plantains, Venezuelan cheese & avocado  $9.50

#6 Perico (pay-REAK-oh)
Eggs scrambled with sauteed tomato and onion  $6.95

#7 Pollo (POE-yo)
Chunk chicken caramelized onion, sweet pepper  $8.95

#8 Revoltillo (ray-vol-TEA-yo)
Shredded beef mixed with scrambled eggs  $9.95

#9 Queso de Mano (KAY-so / de / MON-oh)
Thick slices of mild, semi-firm, white cheese  $8.50

#10 Fresh Veggies
Avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, red bell
pepper and lettuce  $7.95

#11 La Catira (la / ka-TEA-rah)
Gouda cheese mild & creamy  $9.00

#12 Domino (doh-ME-no)
Black beans & mozzarella cheese  $6.50

#13 Salchicha (sal-CHEECH-ah)
Grilled wiener, sliced and simmered in a sauce of fresh tomato & onion $7.00

#14 Ms. Rose
Bacon and cheddar cheese  $8.50

#15 Queso de Guayanes (KAY-so / de / WHY-ann-es)
Mild, semi-firm, white cheese  $8.95

#16 Tuna
Shredded tuna tomatoes, onion and mayonnaise  $8.75

#17 Arepa Burger
Fresh ground beef with fixings  $9.50

#18 Arepa Pernil
Pulled pork, melt-in-your-mouth, slow cooked  $9.00


Classic Colombian Combinations

#30 Bandeja Paisa (ben-DAY-ha / pie-E-sa)
Egg, pork belly, chorizo, seasoned red beans, rice, avocado, fried plantains, an arepa

A. Steak  $15.95
B. Ground beef  $14.95

#31 Calentao (CA-len-tow)
A. Scrambled eggs with tomato & onion; seasoned bean & rice mixture; a grilled arepa on the side  $10.50

B. Steak, two scrambled eggs with tomato & onion; bean & rice mixture & arepa on the side  $13.50

C. Two fried eggs, bean & rice mixture, arepa  $8.50

#32 Carne Encebollada (CAR-nay / EN-say-bow-cha-the)
Steak, caramelized onion, rice, beans and fried
plantains  $13.50

#33 Arepa de Choclo (ah-RAY-pa / de / CHUCK-low)
Sweet corn cake with cheese  $5.50

#34 Desayuno Criollo (day-sah-U-no / cree-OH-yo)
Eggs scrambled with tomato and onion sauteed in butter, shredded beef, seasoned black beans, a thick slice of white cheese with an arepa  $14.50

#35 Huevos Perico (WAY-vos / pay-REAK-oh)
Eggs scrambled with tomato and onion sauteed in butter; served with a grilled arepa on the side  $6.50

#36 Pabellón (PAH-vey-yun)
Shredded beef, rice, black beans, sweet plantains  $11.95

#37 Patacones (pat-a-CONE-a’s)
Green plantain, flattened and lightly fried; topped with mozzarella cheese

A. Shredded Chicken  $9.95
B. Shredded Beef  $10.95

#38 Pechuga de Pollo (pa-CHEW-gah / day / POE-yo)
Grilled chicken breast, rice, beans and fried sweet plantains  $12.95

#39 Salchipapa (sal-CHE-papa)
Sliced wieners and french fries  $7.00

#40 Salchipapa Mix (sal-CHE-papa)
Sliced wieners, french fries and baby potatoes  $9.50

#41 Choripapa (cho-RE-papa)
Sliced chorizo and wieners, french fries and baby potatoes  $11.50

#42 Perro
Hot dog, Colombian Style  $5.50

#43 Chorizo (chore-EASE-oh)
Grilled sausage, an arepa & lime on the side  $5.50



Sweet corn pancake, folded and filled

#50 Ham & Cheese  $9.95
#51 Venezuelan Cheese  $9.50



Stuffed dough, flash fried

Venezuelan Style

#55 Cazon (fish, onion, sweet pepper) $3.95
#56 Shredded Beef  $3.50
#57 Mild White Cheese  $2.50

Argentine Style

#52 Beef & Boiled Egg  $3.50

Colobmian Style


#53 Beef & Potato  $1.99
#54 Chicken & Potato  $1.99



#58 Fried Breaded Cheese Stick  $1.95


Arepa, plain  $2.50
Beans  $3.50
Rice  $2.50

Patacones  $3.50
Avocado Slices  $2.50
Sweet Plantains  $3.50


Freshly Made In-House
price per 1 oz serving

Green Envy:  Velvety smooth sauce of fresh jalapeños, fresh cilantro, fresh garlic, olive oil, onion and a touch of vinegar  $1.00

Garlic Sauce:  Typical Venezuelan topping  $1.00

Red Hot:  Fresh red chili peppers, fresh garlic, olive oil and onion  $1.00



Plain / Sparkling $1.50

Coca-Cola & Colombian Sodas

Variety of Flavors $1.95

Fruit Juices:

Milk Base $4.50/Water Base $3.95

Banana, Guava, Mango, Passion Fruit, Papaya, Blackberry, Pineapple, Soursop, Peach and more…

Imported Beer

Amstel Light, Carta Blanca, Corona, Dos Equis, Heineken, Modelo, Negra Modelo, Presidente, Stella $3.50

Domestic Beer

Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite $2.50


Tres Leches

‘Three Milk’ cake: soaked, filled & topped $4.95


Smooth and custard-like; caramel flavor $3.95


Diced fruit medley of pineapple, apple and seasonal fruits, marinated in fruit sauce $3.95

Arroz con Leche

Rice pudding $2.95

Colombian Bakery


Assortment made daily
Pan de Bono
Almojabanas (ELMO-ha-von-us)

Tres Leches

‘Three Milk’ cake: soaked, filled & topped $4.95


Light & flaky

Fruit:  Guayabay (why-YA-ba) Apple, Pineapple and Seasonal Fresh Fruits
Meat: Chicken, Beef, Assorted Cheeses
Caramel: Thick and Rich

Menu prices are subject to change without notice.


Two or Two Hundred

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